Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Salford Stories

 All of the stories in this collection were written by people who have a connection to Salford. Thus many, but not all of the stories, take place in this robust northern city. The call for submissions was in honour of the Shelagh Delaney Day, 25 November. Charlotte Delaney, Shelagh’s daughter, selected the winner, Neil Campbell with Everything is Seen at Its Best in the Dark.

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Angela Elizabeth Armstrong, H. Asran , RBN Bookmark, Bradley R Byington, Neil Campbell, Ceila, Daniel Fishwick, David Frankel, Chloe Hill, Lauren Hopes, J.M. Ilmo, Karen Kendrick, Zoe Lambert, Christian A. Lea, Sarah Miller, Giacomo Perazzi, Melanie Rees, Meg Rowles, Kimberly Walker
ISBN: 9781907335440

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