Monday, June 28, 2021



The challenge was to write a bauble of a story. So we have a varied selection of snippets that sparkle. Once again we feel privileged to publish this fine group of writers. Each story is different and glitters in its own way. 

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A great range of stories and styles here. A story for everyone. Talented, contemporary writers writing about issues that engage you.  
Excellent selection of stories for everyone to enjoy. Lively and thought provoking  
Sally Angell, Christopher Bowles, Edward Breen, Margaret Bulleyment, Patsy Collins, Charlotte Comley, Elizabeth Cox, Jeanne Davies, Jo Fino, L.G. Flannigan, Linda Flynn, Gregory Heath, Dawn Knox, Stuart Larner, Cathy Leonard, C. G. Menon, Paula R C Readman, L. F. Roth, Glynis Scrivens, Nathan Spicer, Dianne Stadhams, Allison Symes, Clare Weze. 
ISBN: 9781907335464  

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