Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Best of CafeLit 12


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First, I loved the structure of the book, with stories assigned to each month and with each one designated a drink to enjoy while reading. Brilliant idea. The stories are all a pleasure to read and so diverse. I was particularly struck by the portrayal of extreme cold in January’s offering by Jim Bates, the poignancy of the disappointment of Ma in Never Count Your Chickens, the true-life pain and reconciliation in S. Nadja Zajdman’s How My Mum Came to Forgive Omar Sharif and Dawn DeBraal’s Good Times with a portrayal of a burgeoning friendship between two senior citizens. But every story brings something different and as each one is short, it’s the perfect book for the bedside table or the sun lounger. And add a drink of your own choice, of course!
I have to declare an interest here as one of the authors represented but this is a fine collection of short fiction to dip into and out of as you please. There are perspectives from across the globe and its cultural variations. Well worth snuggling up with, accompanied by your favorite drink. 
Swati Moheet,Agrawal,,Lynda Baker,Jim Bates, Anna Braverman, Lynn Clement, Sue Cook, Liz Cox, Chris Darrock, Mary Daurio, Dawn DeBraal,Tony Domaille,Jane Edgerley, Stacie Eirich, Lena Green, Clive Gresswell, Doug Jacquier, Gill James, Sara Jenkins, Rosemary Johnson,Dawn Knox, Henry Lewi,Eamon O 'Leary, Fleur Lind, Chris Pais, Jenny Palmer, Mari Phillips,  Hannah Retallick, Judith Skilleter, Roberta Smithies, Phyllis Souza, Jane Spirit, Allison Symes, Julie Wise,Julia Wood, SNadja Zajdman

And I Said by Linda Morse

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