Saturday, November 18, 2023

Navaselva, The Call of the Wild Valley by Georgina Wright


The incredible diversity of our natural world is at risk.

Navaselva calls us to look at our world from the point of view of different wild animal characters. We become aware of their deeper ways of communicating and their challenges on a long journey to the cooler north.

This ecological adventure, framed by our human narrator Jay Ro, brings to life the diverse beauty of nature and shows us the difficulties and fears she faces growing up in the 21st century.

The Call of the Wild Valley, Georgina Wright’s first book in the Navaselva series, is a thought-provoking read for the young adult who is curious about our environment.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023



What does it mean to be gifted?

Is this to do with a present being wrapped up and handed to another?  Does one person sacrifice something to help someone else? Or is to do with having a certain talent? Is that gift always welcome? Does the protagonist make the most of what has been gifted to them?  All of those scenarios exist in these stories and there are other interpretations as well of the theme “gifted”.

Gifted is Bridge House’s 2023 anthology which includes stories by both some of the gifted writers we already know well and by some new faces. 

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Eds: Debz Hobbs-Wyatt  Gill James 
Authors:Hidayat Adams, Fiona Clark, Athena Constantinou, Alyson Faye, Linda Flynn, Hamid Harasani, Paul Harper-Scott, Adjie Henderson, Abdullah Iqbal, Maria Kinnersley, Jemma Marie,  Seamus D Norris, Pete Pitman, Paula R C Readman, Terry Sanville, Gail Schoepple, Jane Spirit, Zoe Stanton-Savitz, Ellen Davis Sullivan, Allison Symes, Steve Wade, Fiona Ritchie Walker, Julia Wood, 1  

Friday, October 20, 2023

Creative Writing Tip Sheets by Gill James


Fifty-seven easy to use fact sheets that cover all that you need to know if you are relatively new to writing. Ideal too for the creative writing teacher.   

Topics include: 

  • story structure 
  • poetry forms 
  • presentation of work 
  • how to get your work out there
  • script writing 
  • networking 
  • organisations that can help 
  • self-publishing 
  • getting new ideas 
  • building characters 
The Tip Sheets have deliberately been left as a Word document so that users may customize them. 

 Gill James is an experienced writer and teacher. The Tip Sheets pass on information that she has acquired over twenty or so years.   

Get your copy here. Pay what you like. Suggested fee: £2.00   

Gill James Writing Tips Review


Valuable tips and links for all writers!


Gill James is a creative writing lecturer and English teacher with years of experience and a lot of books under her belt! (Apologies for the cliché.) I’ve really enjoyed this book of tips; I’ve learnt so much. You will too!

This book contains 57 pages of amazing writing tips for writers. Whether you write fiction, educational text, poetry, children’s book or plays, there will be a tip sheet here that you’ll want to pin somewhere so you can see it.

Tip sheets on story structure: Will help you plan your short story or novel. Whether you use the Three Act Structure as a basic model for your story; use Vladimir Propp’s story structure functions or dig deeper into Beat Sheets, Plots and sub-plots; there is a tip sheet to help you decide the best place to explode that bomb or introduce a new romantic interest.

There are plenty of examples showing how famous writers of fiction or film have used these writing techniques. I’ll definitely use them as a step-by-step guide to help outline a plot, then refer to the tips on characterisation when forming characters. Some things you will already know but may have forgotten, other tips will light the writer’s bulb in your head providing one of those ‘eureka’ moments we all love that fuels inspiration.

This section also provides exercises for you to apply to your own work.

Character sheets: Provide insights into how well-rounded characters are formed. Questions you need to ask about your characters, and exercises you can do to help give them depth.

Editing and formatting: One you’re happy with your story/novel/text, there are some handy sheets on how to edit and format your work for publication. Self-editing a novel may not mean it won’t need a professional edit but it will certainly save you money if they have less to fix!

Script writing tips: Don’t overlook these just because you don’t write plays; they had some of the best insights into writing for expression and using the character’s body language to convey a message or emotion.

Facial expressions and voice tone that express many things including discontent and suspicion. For example, a quiet one-word answer to a question implies that the speaker is lying and that they don't want to say the true answer.

An actor may never speak your words on stage, but you can still ‘show’ their expression and convey their tone for your readers to infer how they are feeling or what they are trying to convey.

Writing for Children: These sheets provide plenty of tips and advice on the conventions of writing for children and young adults. 

Some organisations that might be helpful: This is especially useful with links to the appropriate websites and organisations for writers of fiction, poetry, video scripts, educational text and children’s books.

From improving short stories, non-fiction text or poems, to plotting your next great novel, these valuable snippets of wisdom will be in your writing arsenal for years to come.


Wendy Ogilvie

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Lancashire Writers of Today 2023


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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Playing Together by Linda Flynn and Caroline Casali


Brother and sister enjoy playing together. Join in the fun and see all of the interesting things they do.

Be inspired by Linda Flynn's simple text and Caroline Casali's enchanting illustrations.

In this book there are plenty of ideas for games that children can play with friends, and which get them away from phone, television and computer screens.

A percentage of the royalties from Playing Together will support Medical Detection Dogs. This is a charity that trains dogs to detect the odour from disease in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease and bacterial infections, as well as training Medical Alert Assistance Dogs.

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Playing together is a joyful story in verse of how two siblings occupy themselves, whatever the weather. My children loved the way the tale moves along, and could really relate to the everyday adventures the characters get up to. It would be great for early readers or for parents to read to a young child. There is always something new to pick out and talk about in the illustrations, which perfectly capture the curiosity of being a child. Highly recommended.
 This is a great book good story and pictures a lot of thought has gone into it .have brought it for a Christmas gift . 
We have enjoyed reading this again and again to our young children and looking at all the details in this adorable and sweet book. Lovely rhymes throughout which tell the story of a week in the life of a very creative brother and sister.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Seen Through a Glass of Red by Liz Cox


Prepare to suspend your disbelief, have the tissues handy and allow your imagination to run wild. This mix of stories will delight you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you cry out – not really!

From a woman who finds a giraffe under the canal bridge and two cats squabbling over a pancake, to an arrogant French chef and a pair of abandoned sparkly trainers, this collection will make you laugh out loud and touch your heart. You will feel intrigued by a French ghost, visit medieval Denmark at Yul, and the war-torn Middle East. You will even find romance with a green-eyed angel. These are just some of the stories you can expect to find in this collection.

In Seen Through a Glass of Red, you will discover stories which are imaginative and tender-hearted just like their creator.

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Thoroughly enjoyed all the stories, hard to say which I liked the best.
Only took me a few hours to read as I couldn't put it down.
I will be looking out for your next book Liz.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Old Man Jasperson and other stories by Jim Bates


In this collection, Jim looks into what it means to be human in this day and age. How do we cope with the loss of a loved one? What brings us joy? How important is friendship? Can Nature heal?

These are heavy questions, and Jim tackles them head-on with stories that are both intriguing and entertaining. He is not afraid to delve deep into life’s challenges. He looks at love and loss, our hopes and dreams, and our own inner fears. Ultimately, his stories show us the strength of the human character.

Jim’s gentle stories are sensitively written and character-driven. The main character often confronts issues shared by us all, such as coping with day-to-day annoyances or finding a way to derive meaning in a complicated world. These stories are heartfelt, and told with quiet passion and a gentle touch. In the end, they resonate with Jim’s appreciation for the challenges we all face and, ultimately, the beauty of what it means to be truly alive and to live in this world.

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Navaselva, The Call of the Wild Valley by Georgina Wright

  The incredible diversity of our natural world is at risk. Navaselva calls us to look at our world from the point of view of different wi...