Thursday, October 7, 2021

The City of Stories



Donna and Jim struggle with an unspeakable act. Millicent encounters something that will change her forever, and Marie dreams of being free from her harrowing life. Melvin’s pelvic thrusts have his clients in a sweat, and Sister Francis, the bike-riding nun, has her secret revealed. Will the poem Are They Your Red Shoes make you cry? And how will I Was You Once resonate with you?

The City of Stories is a collection of short, easy-read stories and poems that you can slip into your bag or pocket. Read in the café, waiting room, or on a journey. Read with a cup of coffee, or maybe a tipple of your choice. Stories that range from dark tales with a twist, to funny flash fiction that will make you laugh out loud.

Author Lynn Clement takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions, showing us what goes on behind closed doors.

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City of Stories is a volume of bite-sized reads; some dark, some poignant and a couple of laugh out loud funny stories that each take no more than a coffee break to read. There are poems too – I’m not a big fan of poetry, but these ones aren’t too long and don’t seem to comprise of this morning’s helping of dictionary words all strung together; they go somewhere, taking you along with them. Whether or not you like the destination is up to you. (I particularly appreciated Red Shoes). I would advise not trying to read the whole thing at once. It’s kind of like being in an art gallery full of vivid word pictures; you need to fully appreciate one before moving on to the next. Lynn Clement uses her words sparingly but with great effect, giving us plenty of variety. City of Stories is very well written and well worth a read.


This wonderful collection of short stories and poems provides a glimpse of what it is to be human. The author has tackled a range of (sometimes difficult) subjects with warmth and compassion, sprinkled them with humour where appropriate, and produced a book full of glorious characters. Just perfect.
I hope there will be more to come!  
I loved how the author manages to convey so much emotion in such short stories. There is a mixture of funny, moving, quirky, thought provoking and creepy stories - something for everyone. Fab!  

ISBN: 9781910542811 


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