Friday, July 2, 2021

The Business of Writing Workshop


So, now you're published and you're working towards calling yourself a full-time writer. This course can help you to

  • Develop  an effective submissions  strategy
  • Find out which organisations can help you
  • Market your work 
  • Make the most of networking events 
  • Stay legal 
  • Control finances    

How the course works

The course is broken down into small sections which you might complete:
  • one a day
  • one a week
  • one a month 
Most of the activities can be adapted as routines that will continue to give. 
At the end of each section you are encouraged to share your work with me and I will give you feedback.      

There are 52 "To Do" prompts on which you are offered feedback!  


This is ideal for new writers but also of benefit to more experienced writers. If you engage with the "To Do" prompts and send your response for feedback you are making a commitment to that work.  


This is a pay what you can afford course.  Suggested amount: £20.00. But £1.00 is also fine and anything up to or over £20.00.     
Once your  donation is received you should be directed to where you can download the course. Any problems, use to contact form to get in touch.    

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