Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Between the Lines Pam LIne


After an eventful life with four husbands, consecutively, and many tears in Spain and France, Pam has returned to her Yorkshire roots where she lives with Blossom the dog. 

Here the author give us glimpses into a life that starts with a idyllic childhood, puts her in touch with prestigious figures and less comfortable homes. There are sadnesses and triumphs.  A life lived to the full emerges through a gentle but forthright prose. Does this present a story of survival? Are we given hope?


            Between the Lines, a Chapletown Little Square Flash Collection

                                            Pam Lines takes us on a roller-coaster life adventure.

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ISBN: 9781910542682

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Three of our Christmas Anthologies £15.00


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As ever, the interpretation has been varied: the Island of Mull, thinking about things, often quite deeply, the odd mulled drink and even something used in making a book - how appropriate again. You will find a variety of styles here and an intriguing mix of voices. There is humour and pathos, some hard-hitting tales and some feel-good accounts. All to be mulled over.


Some fantastic writing was offered and the most of it was potentially publishable. We chose the pieces in this collection because they told a good story, had a strong voice and were imaginative in their interpretation of the theme.  
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The Future Brokers


Nothing can prepare you for a future where spies, governments and Artificial Intelligence vie for power and drive a love story like no other in The Future Brokers 

It’s 2050 and George Williams considers himself a lucky man. It’s a year since he—like millions of others—was forced out of his job by Artificial Intelligence. And a year since his near-fatal accident. But now, George’s prospects are on the way up. With a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm and his sight restored, he’s head-hunted to join a secret Government department—George cannot believe his luck. He is right not to believe it. George’s attraction to his beautiful boss, Serena, falters when he discovers her role in his sudden good fortune, and her intention to exploit the newly-acquired abilities he’d feared were the start of a mental breakdown. 
But, it turns out both George and Serena are being twitched by a greater puppet master and ultimately, they must decide whose side they’re on—those who want to combat Climate-Armageddon or the powerful leaders of the human race.


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I really enjoyed this book, it kept me turning the pages and was gripping to the end, with plot twists and multiple character viewpoint. Certainly had a chilling sense of ‘this could actually happen’ about the world we inhabit which was very thought provoking. More please. 


Payn and Knox have written an innovative collaboration which intricately weaves characterisation and a realistic future together. Especially impressive for me was the visualisation of future technology. Clever stuff.
This novel's a fast-moving adventure and is definitely worth a read by those who love thought-provoking fiction.


I loved this book. It mixed the serious subject of climate change and what we are doing to ruin our planet, with the human interest of a growing love between the two main characters, Serena and George. A page turner, a 'must' read.

ISBN:  9798723077676

Monday, August 23, 2021

Food Assembly Instructions


OK, you've now got a kitchen - but what can you do with it? You could prepare endless rounds of beans on toast. Or you could try something equally easy but far more interesting. This little book will try and help steer you towards the latter.

Ideal for young people living away from home for the first time. Oddly, that's how it all began.  

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Easy to follow basic recipes (e.g. pancakes, kedgeree) and some great special occasion stuff too (e.g. pears with stilton). I was pleased to see that there are a lot of recipes for veggies like me plus plenty of non-vegetarian recipes for my boyfriend.

I know I will get a lot of use out of this book.  
ISBN: 9780955791000

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Making Changes


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Glad to see the short story collections are out there. Lots of excellent stories, one for every mood you might be in. New talented authors with great style and most importantly - they write stories for the reader to enjoy not to impress with literary prowess. Recommended! 
I really enjoyed the short stories in "Making Changes." I find it hard to find the time to read a novel as all too often I get started and then stop, and then lose interest. So I decided to give this anthology a try.

The stories here are quite intriguing, and some are really thought-provoking. Most of them are uplifting in some way, which feel just right for this time of year, but there are darker tales if that's your thing. The book would be a good read for teenagers as well as adults. Recommended. 
This is a book which is perfect for all short story lovers. Great entertainment with a variety of styles and themes. A perfect present for those readers who like to be entertained as opposed to being shocked. It's good to see a collection of stories by up and coming new authors - excellent entertainment all round.  
A.J. Humphrey, Annie Bates, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Gill James, Ian Charles Douglas, Jean Lyon, Jenny Robertson, Joyce Hicks, Linda Lewis, Michael O’Connor, Noreen Wainwright, Nurgish Watkins, Oscar Peebles, Phillip Dean Thomas, Rebecca Holmes, Rosemary A. Bach-Holzer, Rosemary Gemmell, Sally Angell, Sarah R. Harris, Wendy Busby, Yvonne Eve Walus.  
ISBN: 9780955791055  

Friday, August 20, 2021

In the Shadow of the Red Queen


We hope you will enjoy this collection of short stories.They have been selected because we hoped that each one of them would either make you laugh or cry or at least muse a little about the glorious game that is life. One of our authors introduced the Red Queen and it became apparent that she is a little like Jung’s goddess. If we use our imagination a little we can plot her trajectory in most of our stories. Hence our title. She can be bitterly cruel but also has a wicked sense of humour. Yet she has a sense of fair play and knows all about unconditional love. 
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Teresa Ashby, Annie Bates, Paul A. Freeman, Anne Goodwin, Lynne Hackles, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Rebecca Holmes, Linda Lewis, Susanne Martin, Michael O’Connor, Julie Swan, Phil Dean Thomas,Nesta Tuomey, Nurgish Watkins, Rachel C Zaino. 
ISBN: 9780955791062 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Suitcase Full of Stories


In this suitcase full of fun there is a story for every day of your two week holiday, including the day you set off and the day you come home. There are mysteries, everyday stories, stories about people from other planets, adventure stories and much, much more.
Maybe you too would like to go to a land filled with dragons behind a strange mirror, or perhaps you would like a pair of spectacles that make everything seem bigger. On the other hand, you might see colours and hear sounds that other people aren’t aware of.

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Alan James Brown, Pauline Burgess, Victoria Connelly, Ruth Eastham-Paoli, Rosemary Gemmell, Lynne Hackles, Gill James, Jane Kelly, Leona Matuszczak, Clarissa Pattern, Christina Raven, Clare Reddaway, Philippa Roberts, Lisa Joy Smith, Jeannette Towey.
ISBN: 9780955791079 

Between the Lines Pam LIne

  After an eventful life with four husbands, consecutively, and many tears in Spain and France, Pam has returned to her Yorkshire roots wh...