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A continuing response by writers to the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 and during the ongoing aftershocks in 2021.

This collection is of work by writers we have published before and whom we trust, and their trusted colleagues. When disasters strike writers respond and react in words. They share with us their hopes and fears. They describe and rationalise.  Like its companion book this volume contains pieces of fiction, flash fiction, script, poetry, memoir and some texts which cannot easily be categorised.              

There is a loose chronology here – the texts are listed by the order in which they were written and / or by the times to which they refer.

There are messages of hope, cries of despair and acts of kindness.

This hardback book is above all a glimpse, a snapshot of some astonishing human history.     

Aftermath is the second book in a series of creative responses to the 2020 pandemic and its aftermath.    

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The pandemic is likely to be the world event that has had the most effect on the most lives in our time. So this book - a mix of all kinds of writing, dealing with the myriad issues and stories that have come out of the time - is important. When the dust settles, and a new normal really us with us, will we remember what we experience, felt and lived through? This book will ensure we do, because it really does cover every emotion. It’s a book for our times, and I thoroughly recommend it.  
I found these stories very thought provoking as they explored many different aspects of the pandemic in a variety of ways. I especially liked the dragonfly metaphor in the second piece. 
This collection of short stories and poems is an interesting view of the aftermath of the current pandemic. Some pieces are thought-provoking, some entertaining, but all were a delight to read.   

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ISBN: 9781910542743
Sally Angell, Angela Elizabeth Armstrong, Cath Barton, Jim Bates, Lynn Clement, Dawn DeBraal, Tony Domaille, Susan A Eames, Alyson Faye, Nicole Fitton, Margaret Bulleyment, Anne Goodwin, Vanessa Horn, Janet Howson, Gill James, Amanda Jones, Dawn Knox, Henry Lewi, Madeleine McDonald, Linda Morse, Maeve Murphy, Roger Noons, Brigita Orel, Clarissa Pattern, Colin Payn, Mari Phillips, Pam Pottinger, Niles M Reddick, Hannah Retallick, Dianne Stadhams, Ray Suchow, P A Westgate,  Anne Wilson and Robin Wrigley,.

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