Sunday, June 27, 2021

From Light to Dark and Back Again



A collection of very short stories to suit every mood.
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  As this is flash fiction it is a selection of short snappy tales which will have you on the edge of your seat. A talented writer, Symes uses every word to good effect. Being Flash Fiction each word has to earn its place. The paperback is the perfect size for slipping in a bag and reading a story or two whilst you have a few minutes. The endings will keep you guessing. My personal favourite was, The Doctor. I wasn't expecting that.
A wonderful collection of light and dark stories, short enough to entice one to read when time is limited but long enough to be enjoyable. Allison Symes has cleverly combined light and dark stories which kept me guessing as to how they would end.
I liked the clever adaptation and retelling of well known stories and fairytales, giving them a twist. It was hard to name a favourite but I found 'They Don't Understand' one of the most memorable.
A thoroughly enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages.  
A very enjoyable flash fiction collection! The weird and the wonderful, all communicated with a deceptively simple voice…and that’s difficult to achieve. I liked the metafiction, with references to/subversion of popular stories, fairy tales, and classics like Pride and Prejudice, and the sinister twists and surprise endings. They focus on inner voice of the characters, which I personally love.  
ISBN: 9781910542064

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