Friday, May 31, 2024

Saint Ettie's Music School by Martin Varny


Can musical instruments talk?

Thirteen children aged between nine and sixteen, each denied the love and care of a family, are brought together to live at Saint Etheldreda’s Foundation. Exploring the building, they stumble upon some old, damaged musical instruments in a storeroom. The children are amazed when they discover that they can hear the instruments talking.

Saint Etheldreda’s Foundation was previously Saint Etheldreda’s Music School, run by Elizabeth, a young, insecure woman who suffers from devastating mood swings. She had stood before the final curtain of despair more than once.

A chance encounter with the principal of the Foundation, Miss Stratton, results in the Elizabeth returning to Saint Etheldreda’s. Through the wonders of music, lives are changed and a loving family is born.

Saint Ettie’s Music School by Martin Varny is a charming coming of age story.

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