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What if?

All good stories and novels begin very simply when the author asks the question, “What if…?” In the fourteen stories in Speculations the author offers each solution while leaving it up to you to figure out the “what if…?” question that each tale alludes to.

Each story is an intriguing journey into the realms of imagination, fantasy and the incredible. Some of the places you will be taken in this book include the inner mind of a creature that remains on Earth long after the human race has been eliminated; a world that exports a tasty treat that originates in a quite unsavory place; and an all-knowing, all powerful alien machine which can do literally anything at all.

You will be enthralled, delighted, shocked and amazed as you read the stories in this anthology. It is a fascinating journey quite worth taking. All you need to do is open your mind and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to Speculations


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A splendid collection of fourteen short stories based upon 'What If...' Speculative fiction, sometimes with humour. This author invites the reader to wonder, with him, about machines, other universes and time travel. The first story, 'The Devil Bird', funny and challenging, drew me in immediately.
ISBN: 9781914199080

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