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Resolve is high. Determination rules OK. Human spirit excels.     

This is a collection of challenging and thought-provoking stories. All stories need a resolution and these provide ones that will astound and delight you.  We looked for: story, good writing, interpretation of theme and professionalism.  All of the stories submitted had those elements. Here  we offer a variation to cater to our readers’ eclectic tastes. Sit back and surrender to the Bridge House magic 

Resolutions is a themed multi-author collection from Bridge House Publishing. 

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This is a striking collection of stories that keeps the reader gripped  throughout, thinking ‘Where is this going?’ There are twists and turns and surprises, as diverse characters make decisions to do something, or not.  Or determine how to resolve a life situation:  A girl who can’t keep resolutions; the fate of a dog in wartime; a woman having to protect orphaned children.  Settings are in the past, or the future, in other countries or cultures. Some stories deal with grim situations, but these are written with a lightness of touch or down-to-earth humour.  Throughout the collection, the endings  (or resolutions!) are never predictable but are apt for each story.  An entertaining and very readable book.

A delightful and amusing collection of stories from some very talented writers. More power to the short story. 

ISBN: 9781914199103

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