Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Between the Lines Pam Line


After an eventful life with four husbands, consecutively, and many tears in Spain and France, Pam has returned to her Yorkshire roots where she lives with Blossom the dog. 

Here the author give us glimpses into a life that starts with a idyllic childhood, puts her in touch with prestigious figures and less comfortable homes. There are sadnesses and triumphs.  A life lived to the full emerges through a gentle but forthright prose. Does this present a story of survival? Are we given hope?

            Between the Lines, a Chapletown Little Square Flash Collection

                                            Pam Lines takes us on a roller-coaster life adventure.

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wonderful collection of short stories vividly told. From Marie and Esther on Morecambe beach to fraternising with alcoholics on Yeadon Banks, and a child’s view of a grandfather reliving the Great War to visiting a seedy gym in Bradford, Pam Line observes life through humorous, and sometimes poignant, eyes
Pam's stories are easy-to-read nuggets which leave you thinking that all human life is here.
Many of them reminded me of Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads', with their use of chatty vernacular, quirky detail and mixture of gentle humour with an underlying poignancy.
A great little book you can easily read in one sitting or dip into during your coffee break.
Such a lovely collection of short stories. The writer really bring the characters and settings to life with words. I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to reading more from this writer.  
ISBN: 9781910542682

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