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A collection of character based stories with a strong element of stream-of-consciousness style in some of them.   

This book contains about twenty-four unthemed short stories. The narratives are picturesque, evocative, and entertaining. They will take the readers on a journey laced with slightly amoral leanings to the serious and in-depth observations of the human condition. With both tragic and comic endings, vices and virtues, entwined into the hearts of the stories, are all about ordinary people with mundane aspirations, broken dreams, and success.


Gatherings is a single author collection from Bridge House Publishing. Mehreen Ahmed has a well-established voice and is an experienced literary writer. 


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A really immersive collection of short stories, featuring various memorable characters with interesting names.
Every single one has a message to tell, make an important decision, suffer, survive, fight, love, protect their loved ones etc.
Mehreen Ahmed brings us a great variety of drama and emotion with Gatherings! This collection of short stories spans the globe, following a diverse set of everyday people. It was this span of characters and Ahmed’s choice to focus on the drama of ordinary people that really drew me in. Each character’s story is touching, and Ahmed’s writing fills each of them with depth and realism.
Overall, the book Gatherings was a gala of stories of humanity: a glimpse of its polished and flawed system, its worst and its best, its survival, defeat, existence, and continuing pervasiveness on this planet.   

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