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There’s always something a bit scary about a ghost story. Somehow, though, when you read a collection of them you’re expecting to meet a spook or two. It takes a little more effort to frighten the reader. We hope we’ve managed to do just that with this bunch of tales and our striking cover. We hope as well you’ll find the stories as different from each other as they are from the normal ghost story.

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Sally Angell, Teresa Ashby, Rosemary Bach-Holzer, Adam Bealby, April Bosshard, Nicola Cleasby,
Carol Croxton, Paul A. Freeman, Danny Gillan, Catherine Greene, Alyson Hilbourne, Rebecca Holmes, A.J. Humphrey, Boo Irwin, Sophie Jackson, Jean Lyon, Susanne Martin, Clare Reddaway, Geraldine Ryan, Glynis Scrivens, Amanda Sington-Williams, Mark R. Smith, Paul Starkey. 
ISBN:  9780955791093

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