Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Alternative Renditions


Have you ever wondered why the Emperor was daft enough to go out in the nude? Or exactly why the ugly sisters were so mean to Cinderella? Or how a stepmother could be so cruel to her husband’s children? Or maybe you’ve wondered how a modern day Rapunzel, Snow White or Goldilocks might turn out? Have you ever thought how onlookers may have seen it all? Maybe the nosey neighbour who really only meant well? And what was she like, the Little Mermaid’s doting grandmother who only wanted the best for her dear granddaughter?
Aren’t these stories universal anyway, and doesn’t every culture have their own version of them? We hope you will find the answers to all of these questions in this collection of well-crafted stories.

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Amanda Addison, Annie Bates, Dawn Bush, Sarah England, Kathleen Howarth, Liz Kneil, Linda Lewis, Lisa Joy Smith, Lynley Stace, Allison Symes, Lois Tuffield, Kathryn Wood.  
ISBN: 9780955791031  

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