Thursday, July 29, 2021

Voices of Angels


Do you believe in angels? This collection of fictional short stories explores encounters with angels - in whatever form they take. Some stories are sad, some are funny; all will touch you. The collection includes a new story by Laura Wilkinson, author of "BloodMining" (winner of the Bridge House Debut Novel Competition 2010). The foreword is written by TV and Radio Presenter, Gloria Hunniford, and for every copy sold a donation will be made to her cancer charity: The Caron Keating Foundation - set up in her daughter's memory.


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Raphaela Bruckdorfer, Carol Croxton, Sarah Evans, Kirsty Ferry, Shirley Golden, Maria Herring, Misha Herwin, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, A.J Kirby, Katie Lilly, David R Morgan, Norma Murray, A.J Spindle, Holly Stacey, Sally Tarpey, Alison Wells, Laura Wilkinson.   
ISBN: 978-1-907335-15-0 

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