Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Best of CafeLit 2011


Each story in this little volume is the right length and quality for enjoying as you sip the assigned drink in your favourite Creative Café. You need never feel alone again in a café. So what’s the mood today? Espresso? Earl Grey tea? Hot chocolate with marshmallows? You’ll find most drinks in our drinks index.


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A wonderful 'dip into' book to have near or as a travel/waiting room read. The range of styles/subject matter/length is perfect and well chosen by the editor/s. Some stories linger in the mind, 'SHELLS' eg is haunting and touching - a few moments in time with huge dimensions.  
Lauren Bannister, Trevor Belshaw, Charlie Britten, Gavin Broom, Patsy Collins, Julie-Ann Corrigan,
Sam Davis, Charlotte Dicey, Shan Ellis, Rebecca Emin, Sarah Evans, Kirsty Ferry, Brenda Gunning,
Bill Haddow-Allen, Louise Hastings, Nichola Johnson, Susan Jones, Alix Parker, Danielle Smith, Lynley Stace, Rich Styles.  
ISBN: 9780956868039 

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