Saturday, July 24, 2021

Crime After Crime


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Just after reading this book for the second time and I have to say I still found it a very enjoyable read.I like the mix of authors, especially the local ( to me ) ones.Cathy Cole's story, A killer Week was very reminiscent of Colin Bateman's style,with local references and a chilling imminence as well.The way the story unfolds leaves you urgently wanting to turn to the next page to see how the story plays out.
All in all a thrilling story in a thrilling book.  
Sharp, scary, dark, intriguing, captivating, amazing, just how you expect a crime story to be, and yet, unexpected, mind blowing, takes your breath away.  
Really enjoyed reading these short stories and looking forward to the possibility of some more from these talented New authors  
Cathy Cole, Kirsty Ferry, Jane Isaac, Gerry McCullough, Sam Millar, CD Mitchell, Don Nixon, Stephen Puleston, Paula Readman, Kate Tough, L. A. Wilson, Jr.. 
ISBN: 978-1-907335-24-2

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