Monday, July 26, 2021

Calling for Angels



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This is a wonderful debut novel. I really enjoyed the relationship that Em had with Kai. The story is basically from Em's point of view but there are parts when Kai is telling the story. Kai is a very interesting character sent to help her with her problems and I wish I had learned more about him. The beginning was a little slow moving but it picked up quickly. The story was sad, funny, romantic, emotional and has a wonderful ending. I recommend this book for teens and the young at heart. Great Job, Alex.
Many Young Adult books written by adults often have that sense of "would a fourteen year old do/say/think that?". Calling for Angels absolutely has no issue with this at all. The author was fourteen-years-old when she wrote this book (she's now sixteen) - the same age as the character - which gives the story and the characters something extra; that sense of realism that doesn't always come across. Even with the story being about angels, it's easy to believe how the characters relate to each other and how they're feeling. 
The storyline is really interesting, and most teens (and adults) will relate to both the characters, and the emotional storyline. I think Alex, who was 14 at the time of writing this, has breathed life into a lot of subjects very close to home for most teens, and in a short story too (150 pages)....subjects such as loneliness, fitting in, being yourself and school bullies and friendships are all covered, and are just as relevant to adults as to teens.
ISBN: 978-1-907335-09-9 

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