Monday, June 21, 2021

Who Will Be My Friend?



'Who Will Be My Friend?' is a story about friendship, aimed at children approximately three to eight years of age. It features a  Baby Bunny who is lonely and is looking for a friend to play with.  Although the bunny meets lots of other animals, because of their differences, they give him reasons why they can't become his friend.  Finally however, Baby Bunny does succeed and finds a friend to play with and is never lonely again.

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This book is a gentle soft friendly book suitable for very young children under three. It introduces them to the concepts of different animals and their features. The theme highlights the mistake of judging too quickly and thus jumping to conclusions. Not only does this show a flaw in the judgement of the Judge but it also closes off the world of opportunities to connect and befriend others at different levels. It is a useful tool to introduce children to this concept for developing relationships as they grow up and widen their horizons. It turns respecting difference on its head and reminds us to celebrate what we have in common. We may not be able to form deep friendships with everyone but the book reminds us that by finding SOMETHING in common however small with people will build the foundations for a peaceful community and enhanced relationships. In short emotional intelligence!  
ISBN: 9781910542125

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