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A collection of one hundred and ten pieces of flash-fiction and poetry. You probably won’t like all of them, and some of them might even disgust you, or make you uncomfortable. But stick with it. Look at overarching themes within each coloured block. Find the puns in certain titles. Research the colours that you’ve never heard of. Try and work out which stories are complete fabrications, which ones contain nuggets of truth,  and which ones are versions of real life events.

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I was completely blown away by this amazing collection. To start with I was very unsure whether it was of my taste, but Christopher really pulled it out of the bag. Clever, very clever. Look forward to seeing what you do next. You've taken writing to a whole new level for me. 
A brilliant set of stories, told wonderfully. They challenge the norm and drag you in. At times I felt like an outsider looking into a world I hardly knew. It can make you feel dirty, some uncomfortable moments that will challenge the reader, not a bad thing at all. Highly recommend you buy this book.  
Gorgeous and provocative in all the right ways.
ISBN: 9781910542132

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