Friday, May 14, 2021

Transforming Being


"Transforming Being" is the theme of the 2019 Waterloo Festival Writing Competition. It is also the title of the e-book, which contains the fifteen winning entries. We chose these because they tell a good story, have a strong voice, and are imaginative in their interpretation of the theme. The writers present us with characters that are believable and rounded. The stories all contain a pleasing narrative balance.

Entrants were asked to produce a short story or a monologue. Style is diverse and each story is completely different from the others. Delve inside for a rela treat.

This delightful English language anthology of literary fiction comes to you for under £2.50.

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This collection is full of variety and great writing. From the opening twist in the tale, ‘Cat and Mouse’ to the futuristic ‘Time Will Tell’ the stories are engaging and pacey. There are some evocative flash pieces that border on the poetic, but in the main it’s the more standard short stories that grab the attention. ‘Everything has Changed’ is a beautiful telling of a loss that some wouldn’t easily understand, and ‘Russian Doll’ is both disturbing and brilliantly crafted. It’s amazing how different each part of the collection is with transforming being the trigger for the writing. Hats off to the writers and editors for coming up with such an entertaining book.  


Eighteen very different stories written to the theme ‘Transforming Being’ and some very different takes. Many were based in reality, for instance ‘Cat and Mouse’ by Irene Lofthouse’s story of a woman deceived into undergoing plastic surgery by her lover, and ‘Everything Has Changed’, Jeanne Davis’s heartfelt eulogy for her lost pet. Yet the theme leant itself to fantasy and the reader was led into the unreal with Amelia Brown’s story of ‘Heat’ and Allison Symes’ humorous tale, ‘The Professional’, about extra-terrestrials using humans for… better not say here.  


Listen to one of our stories here. 


Gail Aldwin, Michael Baez, Christopher Bowles, Amelia Brown, J S Brown, Beverley Byrne, Jeanne Davies, Linda Flynn, Jessica Joy, Sinéad Kennedy Krebs, Irene Lofthouse, Madeleine McDonald, Helen Price, Paula R C Readman, Hannah Retallick, Louise Rimmer, Allison Symes, Yvonne Walus,
ISBN: 978107335716

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