Monday, May 24, 2021

To Be .... To Become



To Be… To Become is the theme of the 2018 Waterloo Festival Writing Competition. It is also the title of the e-book, which contains the sixteen winning entries. Some fantastic writing was offered and all of it was potentially publishable. We chose these because they told a good story, had a strong voice and were imaginative in their interpretation of the theme.

Entrants were asked to produce a short story or a monologue. Style was diverse and each story is completely different from the others.

This delightful English language anthology of literary fiction comes to you for under £2.50.


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Gail Aldwin, RBN Bookmark, Christopher Bowles, J S Brown, Jenny Gibson,Linda Flynn, Katie Granger, Dawn Knox, Linda Morse, James Morton, Julia Norman, Daniel Paton, Alison Rayner,Paula R C Readman, Allison Symes, Marion Turner, 

ISBN: 978190733524


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