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Keepsake and Other Stories is an anthology of short stories by one of the growing number of brave women writers. Jenny Palmer brings us stories of otherness, witchcraft and magic close to home and further afield within Europe. We meet all sorts of characters: those who rely on guard dogs, those who shun social media and those who are obsessed. We even meet a Neanderthal man. There are paranormal stories, a story of bad neighbours, and a story of redundancy. And many more. All to be enjoyed.


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I loved this little collection of wonderful short stories. Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. I heartily recommend it to Amazon customers. I'm going to buy another copy as a Christmas present for a friend. I also recommend Jenny Palmer's other books 'Nowhere better than home' and 'Pastures New' Two volumes in her autobiography which make fascinating and often funny reading. Enjoy  
This is an enjoyable collection with some surprising and often magical twists. Recommended. 
Brilliant, imaginative and witty tales with unexpected twists and turns. The short stories are variously set in the every day, in many different times and settings and written in a wide variety of appropriate genre.
An excellent read. 


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