Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Art of Losing


In this internationally-acclaimed collection of contemporary literary fiction stories by Paul Williams we are invited to appreciate what it means to master the art of losing – to let go of things both big and small – whether it be dreams, or love, or houses, or whole continents. Told with wit, humour and pathos, the stories reveal the unexpected narratives that often flow beneath the surface of contemporary lives.

The twenty stories lurch from continent to continent across Australia, Europe and South Africa, from child to teen to adult, from past to present, from war to peace, from me to you.


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'The Art of Losing is well worth reading - a fascinating collection of short stories. There’s much variety here and you are bound to find some of them deeply moving and satisfying, or just plain entertaining and funny. '
'I read the book today, oh boy. From the Beatles to Baghdad, from bombings in Magoo’s to birthday balloons in Balham, these stories rocked me. The characters suck you in and spit you out. Powerful writing with twists and turns and no sign posts. Fantasy and fact are weaved together tighter than a magic carpet. But maybe that’s the craft. Maybe that’s the autobiography of story telling. The Art of Loss is, perhaps as the author suggests, writing about the pain of loss to ‘unlose’ it, to diminish it, to come to terms with it. A lesson in life that, by default, has value. And the memory of that lesson might indeed be tattooed in the heart. ‘Art as scar tissue.’ I like to be moved when I read. I was.'
'The Art of Losing is a collection of short stories set on different continents, in different times and from very different points of view. The exploration of loss is a common thread running through them. Paul Williams is a beautiful story teller, who deftly takes his reader on an emotional journey that will bring them to tears and laughter in turn. Best of all you will leave each story with something to think about, a new perspective to consider. My personal favourites were The Khan Al-Wazir Bookshop, Emoticon, The Art of Losing and Happy Birthday Frank.'   
ISBN:  9781907335617

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