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Every year we pick a very vaguely Christmas-related theme for our annual anthology. Then we invite our writers to subvert it. In this collection, they’ve certainly done that to the extent that we almost had a picture of cream crackers for the cover. Our theme this year is “crackers”. So, we have Christmas crackers, cream crackers, cracking dresses, a cracked antique and many, many other interpretations. We hope you will find this a cracking good read.

Some fantastic writing was offered and the most of it was potentially publishable. We chose the pieces in this collection because they told a good story, had a strong voice and were imaginative in their interpretation of the theme.

This anthology of literary fiction is so apt for the 21st Century.

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Sally Angell, Christopher Bowles, M Bulleyment, Elizabeth Cox, Stephen Faulkner, Alyson Faye, Linda Flynn, Boris Glikman, Ian Inglis, Karen Kendrick, Dawn Knox, Stuart Larner, G. Norman Lippert, Kay Middlemiss, Adrian Naylor, Jennie E. Owen, Paula R C Readman, L F Roth, Michele Sheldon, Dianne Stadhams, Steve Wade, Merlin Ward, Clare Weze, Anne Wilson  
ISBN: 781907335594

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