Saturday, April 10, 2021

Whisky for Breakfast by Christopher P. Mooney



The thirty-five stories in Mooney's debut are dominated by a cast of characters who colour outside of society's lines. They are hustlers, prostitutes, addicts, gangsters, killers, thieves, beasts. They are the dangerous, the lost, the lonely, the sick, the suicidal, the broken-hearted. Men and women, defeated by life. Their depravity is real, yet the writing in this uncompromising collection of transgressive fiction, always carefully crafted, evokes the sense that their humanity is not yet lost. In Whisky for Breakfast, nothing is off limits.

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'Whisky for Breakfast includes thirty-five pieces of transgressive fiction. Yes, the content - language, characters, scenarios, themes, etc - may be considered shocking by some, but it's important to note this is obviously not the writer’s intent, nor does it dilute or in any way detract from the obvious quality of the writing. It's really great to read something provocative that gets you thinking! Loved it!'
'A superb read. I love to read but don’t make the time. I made the the time for this. It shocks and entertains brilliantly. So descriptive and gritty.
This author is added to my follow list!! Looking forward to more from him.'
'Very impressed with this collection of short stories., well crafted storylines with characters that remain with you. Looking forward to more from this author!'  

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