Friday, April 9, 2021

The Lost Hat


A playful monkey takes a boy's hat but drops it into a river full of crocodiles. The boy offers to accompany the monkey to find another hat. The quest turns into an adventure in which they cross forests, climb mountains, visit the moon, pass through the village of cats and meet fantastic creatures.

The Lost Hat tells us, above all, about the values ​​of friendship and effort. But it also enhances the love of nature and the discovery of the diversity that travel offers.

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The Lost Hat by Albert Ventura is an enthralling journey of adventure, travel and fantasy. We travel with the boy and the monkey as they visit hat makers, an owl, the moon and end up with a grumpy goblin, looking for a satisfactory hat. The story is explained with the help of creative and humorous illustrations, which will keep kids glued to the book. The Lost Hat stands out as it teaches the value of perseverance and friendship in young children. This book is much recommended for beginning readers and children from the age of 2 to 6.

ISBN: 9781910542644

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