Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The World in an Eye by Maroula Blades


The World In An Eye is an eclectic collection. It ardently and boldly tackles issues that plague our societies. Presenting diverse flash fiction stories set in America, England, Germany, Italy and other places where poignancy, rawness and sensitivity are propelled to the foreground. This evocative compilation also thrusts taboo topics out from the fringes into the spotlight. Here, they explore and expose the lives of those not fed with golden spoons.

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"The World in an Eye offers intrigue and insight briefly into a different world with each story. The characters unfold quickly, and the narrative pace pulls you in long enough to feel at home in a new place then jerks you out before you develop a final judgement. This seems to be one key purpose of the stories—to force the reader to withhold critical judgment because we don’t have the whole story. By the end of the series, the reader has gone on a number of rollercoaster rides with key figures in the book and still wants to know how the stories end. Yet, these are not unsatisfying cliffhangers, they are chunks of adventure, realistic fiction that remind us to be in the literary moment as a listener, allowing the stories to show up in our lives like we drop in on the lives of the characters."

RonAmber Deloney, MA Art Politics | M.S.Ed. Adolescent Education
PMP, Project Management Professional
'A moving and haunting collection of short stories. Rich poetic words and thought provoking narrative. Take your own time and drink it in. Beautiful. ' 
'A thought provoking read. Each short chapter is full of rich poetic description of both the inner lives of the protagonists and the tough environments they live in. The stories are a window into people’s day to day struggles but also how they respond to the dramatic and sometime shocking events around them. The language is accessible while at the same time being insightful and illuminating. Would thoroughly recommend this short read. '

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ISBN: 9781910542569

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