Monday, April 12, 2021

In Fields of Butterfly Flames by Steve Wade


Ostracised by betrayal, isolated through indifference, gutted with guilt, or suffering from loss, the characters in these twenty-two stories are fractured and broken, some irreparably. In their struggle for acceptance, and their desperate search for meaning, they deny the past. Some abandon responsibility, others are running from something or someone. Some flee their homes and their homelands, while others return home, only to find themselves even more marginalized and estranged.


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'These compelling and absorbing stories explore the deeply troubled worlds of the diverse range of complex characters who are unflinchingly and impressively depicted. The raw reality of their various dilemmas is often revealed in convincingly understated language and tone, though the sense of unpredictability and menace is present throughout, while the complicated and chaotic relationships of many of the volatile characters examine the depths of human distress and insoluble problems of people living on the edge. A really engaging and engrossing read.'
'As the introduction says "...the characters in these twenty-two stories are fractured and broken..." Never were truer words spoken. The nature of many of the stories is harrowing, but the story telling is wonderful and completely draws one into these pitiful and desolate lives, where you share the characters' pain and sorrow. This book of short stories is a wonderful read, great for a winter's night. '
'This is a thoroughly gripping collection of short stories. The characters are carefully and convincingly drawn. And their plights are ones to which we can all relate: familial dysfunctionalism, the search for identity and the need for purpose. The language used by the author is vivid and convincing, with authentic dialogue. Each story is unique, and told in an authoritative voice.'
ISBN:  9781907335877  

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