Saturday, April 17, 2021

Matters of Life and Death by Philip Stuckey


Matters of Life and Death is a collection of stories that examines, in different ways, the many insecurities we experience whilst navigating our way towards the inevitable. Whether it is a fear of the unknown, the burden of loss, or the joy of first love, each of us shares a meandering journey of the unexpected that ultimately defines who we are and how we connect with the universe that created us.

These stories suggest that we are all seeking something. Maybe it is something eternal, as yet undiscovered or perhaps something lost. Could this common endeavour, this restless search, be the golden thread that links us all? Or is it our emotions, the raw energy that fuels the journey: sorrow, joy, anger, fear and love.

These ‘matters of life and death’ have been expressed in stories that share those emotions, take a glimpse into the lives of others, and invite the readers to consider the true nature of our world and their place in it.

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'I have just had the pleasure of reading Philip Stuckey’s debut Matters of Life & Death, which is a book of short stories. Philip is already a prodigious singer/songwriter, now I can confirm that he is also a phenomenal author.'
'This is a great book, full of mysterious, questioning depth. It is a book of stories to be read again and again.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book.'
'Couldn't put it down this book kept me captivated throughout. Looking forward to more from Philip Stuckey.'   
ISBN: 9781907335853  

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