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Story–telling has often been associated with weaving and spinning. All is craft, cleverness and magic.

Here indeed we have a colourful mix of beautifully crafted stories. Some are sad and others bring us hope. There are tensions in relationships, fear of the unknown coupled with surprising empathy, and accidents of birth. Death wishes are reversed, sometimes but not always, and so are lives in other realties. People’s stories intersect as they wait for a bus. An old cello causes havoc. A church clock always strikes twice… or does it? Match-making goes wrong until it goes right. And so much more.

When Rafe Bunce takes over a run-down hair salon in Penge, he hopes to make a success of his life at last. Not content with improving his own fortunes, he is soon meddling in his customers’ lives, too – with bittersweet results.

The stories in Last Chance Salon touch on the hopes and dreams, big and small, which we all carry inside us.t and rich life adventures. Truly a life well-lived.


The stories in THE POWER OF LOVE are quite simply about LOVE of all kinds. If you like romance, then these short stories are written just for you as well. There is plenty of that! The huge clock on Waterloo station acts as catalyst for that. But the collection also shows us other sorts of love: family ties, enduring love, old love, forbidden love, mended love, children’s love for their parents, parents’ love for their children, a love for old buildings, and love between animals and humans.

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