Tuesday, October 24, 2023



What does it mean to be gifted?

Is this to do with a present being wrapped up and handed to another?  Does one person sacrifice something to help someone else? Or is to do with having a certain talent? Is that gift always welcome? Does the protagonist make the most of what has been gifted to them?  All of those scenarios exist in these stories and there are other interpretations as well of the theme “gifted”.

Gifted is Bridge House’s 2023 anthology which includes stories by both some of the gifted writers we already know well and by some new faces. 

RRP £9.00

Note, this is an affiliate link and a small portion of what you pay, at no extra cost to you,  may go to Bridge House Publishing.  

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Eds: Debz Hobbs-Wyatt  Gill James 
Authors:Hidayat Adams, Fiona Clark, Athena Constantinou, Alyson Faye, Linda Flynn, Hamid Harasani, Paul Harper-Scott, Adjie Henderson, Abdullah Iqbal, Maria Kinnersley, Jemma Marie,  Seamus D Norris, Pete Pitman, Paula R C Readman, Terry Sanville, Gail Schoepple, Jane Spirit, Zoe Stanton-Savitz, Ellen Davis Sullivan, Allison Symes, Steve Wade, Fiona Ritchie Walker, Julia Wood, 1  

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