Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Lancashire Writers of Today 2023


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An extract:


Nick Oldham


I am very proud to have been asked to write the foreword to this year’s Lancashire Authors’ Association Anthology.

I will have to admit that prior to being asked to be a patron for the Association several years ago I knew very little about the LAA and it aims and activities at all. However, since then my eyes have been well and truly opened (and my jaw has dropped on several occasions) by the phenomenal breadth and depth of the areas covered by the Association. I have also been astounded (although, I suppose, not surprised) by the incredible talent that abounds within the people of the County of Lancashire.

And this year’s anthology is a stunning reflection of those talents, in which you will find a plethora of work which by its very nature showcases both the aims of the LAA and the individual creativity of writers who are members of an association which gives voice and opportunity to so many.

I think the beauty of what is contained within this anthology is that creativity is given free reign and shows that beyond putting words down on paper, there are really no rules for writing – other than to get hold of a reader’s imagination and set it on fire.

And every piece of work in here does exactly that, from short, moving poems which can grip your heart, to longer pieces that take you on unexpected journeys. All those things and more are to be found in here and I recommend you put the kettle on or retreat to a quiet café, grab your brew of choice, sit down, get comfy and prepare to be as amazed as I was and discover, if you didn’t already know, that the Association and its members are going from strength to strength.




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