Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Script Challenge


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These scripts are refreshing to read and would provide excellent opportunities for performances with clever witty dialogue and contemporary scenarios. Each of them provide a unique perspective and the very idea of the premise here is great. I especially liked Janet Howson's Cinderella for the setting and fast pace but also Dawn Knox's The Stag Do which was so realistic but cringe-worthy, hilarious and clever in equal proportions. All in all, something for everyone interested in putting on a play or two but also for the joy of reading.
Which comes first, the story or the play? All these plays started life as short stories, and each has been cleverly adapted for the stage or possibly radio. It's not easy to tell a complete story in a ten minute play, but each of these offerings does that exceptionally well. If you're looking for short plays, these are ideal for drama groups, schools, colleges and workshops. Recommended. 
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