Friday, July 29, 2022

I Knew It in the Bath by Linda Flynn


The bathtub is the place where dreams and possibilities flow as easily as the tap water – if only they would go to plan.

I Knew it in the Bath is a collection of absorbing short stories which show that no matter how we expect events to unfold, life has a way of confounding us. What will a woman do to save her friend? Do we really know when we’re being watched? Why did Dora throw the iron through the window? What’s the best way to take revenge on a cheating partner?

Settle back for an engaging read through these humorous, sinister and thought-provoking stories, but try not to drop your book in the bath!

Linda Flynn, a frequent contributor to our annual themed anthologies , gives us food for thought in the stories collected in I Knew in in the Bath.

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This author has a way with words, taking often mundane settings and ordinary people then letting them shine in varied and cleverly constructed tales. They surprise, entertain and impel the reader to discover the delights of the next story. Each one is not too long but they all excite the imagination in their unique ways.
I'm not a bath person but I can easily see the attraction of losing yourself in this book surrounded by bubbles and incense.
From hilarious tales of revenge to sad, poignant observations and dark, sinister thrillers, I really enjoyed this eclectic mix of stories. The writer’s imaginative and descriptive style left me entertained and often surprised. Each short story is thought-provoking in its own way and the book covers a wide range of subjects.
I can’t recommend this anthology enough. Linda Flynn has such a way with words. The stories are imaginative and enthralling, and you will find yourself wanting to delve into one story after another. If you are looking for an eclectic mix of stories to delight you, this is it.  

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