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You'll find all sorts of animals in this collection of stories - a hippo who longs for water, a chimp that proves to be tougher than a gorilla and a horse only two people can see. There are some amazing people too - the young girl who looks after her mum, some young people who have magical powers they have to hide and a boy who finds a new way to remember his grandfather. All of the stories are about how people are thoughtful with each other or with the animals in their care. And they'll bring sunshine to a grey day. £1 from the sale of each copy, plus a percentage of the author royalties, will be donated to Children's Hospices UK.
RRP £8.00

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Charming collection of very varied stories suitable for reading aloud to younger children - or independent browsing by primary schoolchildren. Profits ( and that includes the authors' royalties) go to children's hospices. I am a little biased - I wrote one of the stories - but Michael Morpurgo thought the anthology was good enough to write a forward to.  
ISBN: 9781907335112 

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