Monday, August 9, 2021

Going Places



 Why do we travel? What does the word actually mean? Isn’t it something to do with going from one place to another? That place can of course be a state of mind as well as something more physical. We all have to make journeys of all sorts and this book is as much about that as it is about holidays.

Ursula Le Guin gave us a taste for travelling in another way in her Changing Planes. She refers to what
might happen when you are in that No Man’s Land which is the airport lounge. Imagination can come into play thenand you can go to all sorts of destinations. 

Going Places also presents the reader with an alternative way of making a journey. There are plenty of exotic destinations for our readers to enjoy but some of the journeys are more spiritual, more inward-looking and sometimes just invite you to see home differently. Whichever story you read, you are invited to take part in that journey. 

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Fabian Acker,Teresa Ashby, Gillian Brown, Sarah England, Linda Flynn, Paul A. Freeman, Jean Gill,
Judy Harper, Rebecca Holmes, David McVey, Don Nixon, William Pitt, Sally Quilford, Mel Ross-Macdonald, Neil Russell-Jones, Glynis Scrivens, Paul Starkey, Hilary Taylor, Sherri Turner, Clint Wastling, Elaine Westley,Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle.  
ISBN: 9781907335068 

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