Saturday, August 14, 2021

An Advent Calendar of Stories



 We hope reading or listening to this collection of stories will delight you. There is one for each day of Advent, though there is little in the content of this book directly to do with the Christian religion.  Other than that, most of the stories celebrate life in all of its diversity.

Whether you are a child reading on your own, a parent or a teacher reading to a child, or just someone like me who can’t resist a good story, you are sure to find something to appeal in this collection.

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Sally Angell, Alan James Brown, Joan Fleming, Rosemary Gemmell, Lynne Hackles, Liz Kneil, Phil Kurthausen, Joan Locock, Lorelli Mojica, Dulcinea Norton-Smith, Oscar Peebles, Philippa Rae,
Jenny Robertson, Lisa Joy Smith, Suzanne Stanton, Sally J. Tarpey, Noreen Wainwright, Nick White. 

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