Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Suitcase Full of Stories


In this suitcase full of fun there is a story for every day of your two week holiday, including the day you set off and the day you come home. There are mysteries, everyday stories, stories about people from other planets, adventure stories and much, much more.
Maybe you too would like to go to a land filled with dragons behind a strange mirror, or perhaps you would like a pair of spectacles that make everything seem bigger. On the other hand, you might see colours and hear sounds that other people aren’t aware of.

 RRP: £7.00

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Alan James Brown, Pauline Burgess, Victoria Connelly, Ruth Eastham-Paoli, Rosemary Gemmell, Lynne Hackles, Gill James, Jane Kelly, Leona Matuszczak, Clarissa Pattern, Christina Raven, Clare Reddaway, Philippa Roberts, Lisa Joy Smith, Jeannette Towey.
ISBN: 9780955791079 

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