Wednesday, August 11, 2021

100 Stories for Haiti


100 Stories for Haiti is a unique collection of stories bound together by paper and glue and massive amounts of hope. This is no ordinary book. One morning a writer woke up and decided, I must do something. Hundreds of talented authors worldwide sent him their stories and the result is an anthology that anyone can enjoy.


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I was really pleased with my purchase. The stories are engrossing and well written and a great book to take with you on journeys, whether commuting or travelling a lot, as you can put it down, you won't lose your place in the stories, for they are quick reads and thoroughly enjoyable, for men as much as women. But the greatest thing is its all help towards a heartbreaking tragedy in Haiti. A wonderful book for a wonderful cause by many many wonderful authors.  100 Stories for Haiti  A great gift.  
It's a cracking read - very different styles and very different takes on the theme of 'hope'. No story is over 1,000 words long so it's excellent to dip in and out of - yes, it's a keep in the loo book.  
This book has great stories and they are diverse enough to suit everyone. As a busy person I liked the fact that I can finish a full story over a quick cup of coffee. It's all for a good cause too.  
EDITORS Viccy Adams, Elizabeth Cake, Tony Cook, Tammi Dallaston, Nick Daws, Jane Dixon-Smith, Mark Gallacher, Danny Gillan, Elaine Gowran, Dayna Hester, Jayne Howarth, Louise Jordan, Claudine Lazar, Katherine Lubar, Lorraine Mace, Naomi Mackay, Hannah Moss, Anne KG Murphy, David Robinson, James Skinner, Caroline Sutton, Marie Teather, Maureen Vincent-Northam. 
AUTHORS Adel, Nina; Ashby, Teresa; Barrett, Linda; Belshaw, Trevor; Berridge, Charlie; Best, Gillian; Biram, Victoria; Blackwell, Jean; Boers, Claudia; Bohanna, Julia; Booth, John; Burgess, Francesca; Campbell, Joanna; Carter, Nadene; Cattaneo, Jac; Chen, Curtis C.; Chonchúir, Nuala Ní; Cook, Tony; Cooney, Maire; Cooper, Barry; Creek, Dave; Darby, Katy; Domingo, Jennifer; Dunne, Alison; Everest, Elaine; Fanning, Mo; Farrelly, MG; Fielding, Deborah; Fox, Joanne; Freese, Robert; Garratt, Ellie; Gebbie, Vanessa; Gemmell, Rosemary; George, Emily; Gillan, Danny; Grant, Gwen; Gunn, Catriona; Hamilton, April L.; Harkaway, Nick; Harrington, Jim; Harris, Siân; Hershman, Tania; Hobbs-Wyatt, Debz; Howes, Pam; Irvine, Alex; James, Gill; Jazanoski, Patti; Kaldon, Dr. Philip Edward; Kilburn, Kath; Kubuitsile, Lauri; Lazar, Claudine; Logan, Kirsty; Maguire, Tim; McCarter, Robert J.; McGurl, Kathleen; MCM,  ; McQueen, Greg; Meadows, Joyce; Milner, Karen; Moran, Steve; Morin, Peter; Murphy, Fionnuala; Newlyn, RJ; Nogg, Ozzie; O’Callaghan, Billy; O’Donnell, Jack; O’Mara, Layla; Parrott, Andy; Partovi, Susan; Petter, Sylvia; Pickup, Jennifer; Powell, Dan; Ravenscroft, John; Reddaway, Clare; Reed, Martin; Reeder, Elizabeth; Roberts, Jane; Rochford, Ian; Scrivens, Glynis; Shukert, Rachel; Spier, Ryan; Spink, Katherine; Stanchfield, Justin; Stenson, Teresa; Stuart, Alasdair; Taylor, Charlie; Taylor, Nicola; Thomas, Jane; Thummel, Jason E.; Tough, Kate; Turner, Sherri; Tyrrell, Martin; Vincent-Northam, Maureen; Walkden, Mary; Wallace, Jenna; Watts, Sarah Ann; Willans, Joel; Williams, Alun; Williams, Paula; Wright, Jan
ISBN: 9781907335037

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