Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Demon Magician


We've all made a wish we've regretted, but what if you've asked an archdemon like Belphegor to grant it?

When Ella agrees to help fellow student Jonathan Trent with his audition into a mysterious magic circle, she never thought she'd fall in love with him. Nor did she ever conceived the three freakish judges named Hellmouth, Brimstone and Blackheart were actual demons, sent by Belphegor to recruit Jonathan.

Seduced by the lure of riches, his own Vegas show and not having to care for his aged grandparents, Jonathan enters into Belphegor's service, and despite her own reservations Ella goes with him, in return for Belphegor making her disabled sister walk.

Then when Jonathan starts to behave like the 'The Demon Magician' offstage and Ella learns the true price of his gruesome magic tricks, she knows she has to stop him, but what can she do? Jonathan, has the power of Hell on his side and all she has is Matthew, her mum's hunk of a gardener, who has no idea the demon world exists.

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The Demon Magician is a fabulous fast paced story that had me hooked right from the first chapter. It crosses between young adult romance to darker horror and mystery in an intriguing way that captured my interest and kept me wanting more.

Amazing first novel couldn't put it down - how you did this in such a short space of time is incredible. The story swept you along with it and kept you on your toes so you could not wait to find out what happened next. Some great twists and turns along the way and a little dark in places but also loved the romance blended in with the satanic. Can't wait for the next one.

Very impressive first novel by Alex Dunn! I had trouble putting it down as despite it starting off like a typical light teen romance novel, it moves into a darker theme of the occult and sucks you into its cleverly crafted story with its rich characters and suspenseful narrative. I loved the mix of romance, action, magic, and intrigue and I could see this story being adapted for TV or film. An adaption of this book could easily become the next Hunger Games style blockbuster.  


ISBN: 9781907335396


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