Saturday, July 17, 2021

Something Hidden



 There is something hidden, something darker and something challenging behind that placid veneer of calmness we so often see in everyday life. We asked for something a little darker for our latest short story competition. The entrants certainly supplied that. In this anthology we've collected the strongest. Each of the stories makes you think.

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Loved this story in particular as it resonated with me but all of the stories were enjoyable and well written.
Farah Ahamed, Arevalo, Antonia Chain, Jeanne Davies, Linda Flynn, Edward Fraser, Sarah Hegarty, Alison Lock, Michael Marrett-Crosby, Deborah Rickard, Aline P’nina Tayar, Graham Taylor, Bunny Vincent (Nina Miralles), Steve Wade, David West.  
ISBN: 9781907335310  

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