Friday, June 18, 2021


These stories – some light and some dark – were written over several years. A few, such as Henry’s Box, were the result of writing prompts from one of my writing groups, Basildon Writers, while others were sparked by random sights, such as someone’s tattoo, or by snatches of overheard conversation. As for the rest, I can’t recall any particular event triggering them, so can only conclude the initial idea popped into my head when I wasn’t paying attention. And sometimes I find those sort of stories turn out to be the strangest of them all. Whether you prefer light or dark stories, I hope there is something amongst this eclectic collection that will appeal to you.

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Dawn Knox has created a lovely mix of horror, sci-fi and gently amusing short stories. These are great small bites to read when you're too busy to swallow a whole book at once - although having said that, I still found it difficult to put down! I found my "I'll just read one story as I eat lunch" turned in to 2 or 3! But I think my overall feeling is that they're so imaginative, far more than the usual run of short stories. Places, times and situations are all such that you might find in a full length novel. A great read.   
Fantastic collection of short stories, wasn't sure if these would be my thing as I'm not really a sci fi type girl but I'm so glad I downloaded these as I really enjoyed them, in fact my favourite one of all turned out to be set on a space station lol. Definitely worth spending your pennies on and an author I will be looking out for in the future as I just love her writing. 
What can I say, I loved Dawn's first novel and the amazing second novel but this book is in my playing field and I LOVE IT! amazing stories from the mind of someone who knows her topics. You will not be disappointed to go on these journeys and be as amazed as I am. Well Done to the author and I hope She will write more stories like these in the future. 
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ISBN: 9781907335518  

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