Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Fog Lane


Fog Lane is a collection of stories about memory. Many of the stories have been published online and in magazines. They were written over a long period of time. The oldest, The Rose Garden was first written in about 2007 and published in Orbis. The last one in the book, Here Comes the Sun was completed just recently. The stories in this book vary from the humorous to the sad to the macabre. They are all short stories of under a thousand words.


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For me, the best stories in this wonderful collection are the ones that leave the most unsaid — “The Mums”, “A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed”, “The Street With No Name”. There’s humour — the house sitter who discovers there are four bathrooms in the house, takes a dump in each one and doesn’t flush. But there’s an underlying sadness too — the husband struggling to sleep in an icy hotel room who thinks about the “warm body” of his “absent wife”. We don’t need to know the backstory, about why he’s on his own and what has happened to his wife — like any good short-short, the gaps are there for us to fill in ourselves.

A beautifully observed and immensely assured collection.  
ISBN: 9781910542088

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