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‘Badlands’ is a collection of flash fiction pieces, from drabbles of 100 words to longer pieces up to 1000 words. Many have been published on line and in anthologies, and short-listed or been placed in competitions. They have all been written during the last three years. The oldest pair being ‘Chestnuts for my Sweet’ and ‘A Guy for the Children’. Both written in the autumn.

These short shorts reflect an interest in ghost stories, history especially the Victorians, old movies, derelict buildings, real life issues such as homelessness and just the ‘what if’ factor of when a seemingly normal situation starts to tilt off centre, dangerously so.

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There are more twists in Alyson Faye's fiction than there are on a helter-skelter. Dark, sad, and moving stories can all be found in Badlands.The front cover image is a brilliant match to the tone of the tales in this collection. My favourite story is Bookworm, but given I'm a reader with a big collection of books, as well as being a fellow flash fiction writer, this is no real surprise!
An eclectic mix of the dark and the moving. Felt a bit like a box of chocolates - some real bite-size stories - some as few as a hundred words, others longer, but all beautifully written and something for every taste. Recommended. 
These beautiful stories, crafted in so few words, reflect the unique writing skills of the author. Each story is a glimpse into a strange other world,
Perfect for dipping into when you have a spare moment. Thoughtful and mesmerising fiction.
ISBN: 9781910542255  

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