Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Wilma's Magic Hat


Wilma’s efforts often end in disaster. Her spells come out all wrong. The other witches laugh at her. She has to watch them performing fantastic tricks. However, one spell that goes wrong has surprising consequences and Wilma gains a valuable ally.

Philippa Rae's delightful children's story is enriched by a series of colourful illustrations by artist Ashleigh James.


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'I found this to be funny and engaging for Adults and Children alike. I laughed out loud several times. the kids like to hear about Wilma's attempts at magic that don't quite work as intended. I highly recommend reading and following this particular writer. All her books to date have the same hilarious and quirky line of humour that you'll enjoy as well. as your young ones. The Illustrations by Ashleigh James are wonderful, full of colour and really help to bring the story to life. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future. my niece loved the bright lively pictures.'
'This is a fun, charmingly illustrated, entertaining tale for children - perhaps aged about 7 upwards, though adults can read alongside or out loud to help as well. There is a lovely use of onomatopoeic language too, for children to join in and some fun spells to chant. Wilma is a very endearing witch, who isn't very good at magic so she makes lots of mistakes. The dancing frogs' legs in the restaurant scene was particularly amusing. The illustrations burst with colour and fit the story well.
ISBN: 9781910542538 

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