Monday, April 26, 2021

The Power of Love



The stories in THE POWER OF LOVE are quite simply about LOVE of all kinds. If you like romance, then these short stories are written just for you as well. There is plenty of that! The huge clock on Waterloo station acts as catalyst for that. But the collection also shows us other sorts of love: family ties, enduring love, old love, forbidden love, mended love, children’s love for their parents, parents’ love for their children, a love for old buildings, and love between animals and humans.

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'This collection of eighteen different stories show love's "infinite variety."'
'Here are some heart warming stories which are very readable. They are just right for downloading to a Kindle or smart phone to grab a quick read during a spare moment. The author has a knack for holding one's attention to the end of each short narrative which leaves the reader with the feeling of a time well spent. I recommend this work to anyone who enjoys short fiction. '
'If you're looking for short stories to read then look no further. These are great reads from Phyllis. The stories are tender, loving and well-written. From a little boy's wish to have his parents re-unit, to a troublesome brother banning his sister her true love, to an upset at a funeral, Phyllis captures all forms of love in up-to-date situations. I'd recommend these stories to everyone.'  
ISBN:  9781907335723

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