Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Fortune Teller of Philippi by Jenny Robertson


This dramatic story for 12-14 year olds, woven around events in the Book of Acts, is set in Roman Philippi around the middle of the first century CE. The action, based on thorough research into the world of Ancient Rome, shows how the young Christian church attracted the have-nots of the ruthless Roman world and enriched their lives with a sense of belonging to a diverse, joyful community.
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'I was very engaged with the characters in this book. It brought the world of Philippi in Roman times to life, the trades, the people and the smells.'
'I don't know much about Ancient Rome but it seems really well-researched and the descriptions of the setting are immersive of all the smells and sights so you really feel like you're there. Would highly recommend.'
'Nowadays, it is very rare to find a good and interesting Christian book. It is very rare to find an engaging book for teenagers. Luckily, "The Fortune Teller of Philippi" by Jenny Robertson combines both.'  
ISBN:  9781907335969

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